Travelling with little ones

After a short staycation, I thought I would put together a quick checklist for travelling with two little ones mainly because I forgot some of the below and want somewhere to check for our next trip 🙈

Checklist for travelling with little ones:

  • Suncream
  • Water beakers
  • Plenty of changes of clothes for the little ones
  • Two sets of swim wear (I took one and we were trying to dry them between the pool and the beach)
  • Kids changing towels (these are so handy to pop over their heads)
  • Buckets and shovels
  • Bedtime story
  • Essential teddies
  • Cars/toys for hotel room
  • Kids toothbrush/tooth paste
  • Extra bags (for dirty laundry, food etc, found it so handy to separate out things, made them easy to grab)
  • Picnic bag/basket with cutlery, plates etc)
  • Picnic blanket
  • Buggy (I took the double to give our 3 year old the option to jump in when he got tired)
  • Kids blanket for buggy if weather isn’t great
  • Charged iPad for the car if the journey is long
  • Travel potty!
  • A magazine for mom – a girl can dream of a little down time!!

Up to now it would of been hard to do a hotel room all together as Jack woke a lot during the night, he doesn’t wake as much now so it was definitely easier to hit the road!

I love day trips and staycations with them as you can pack up the car and have the flexibility to come home whenever you want!

For our next break we are thinking of trying self catering so we could have a room for the boys but still have them close by and also so we could make the food for them, eating out is nice but you have to time it right and sometimes the boys just prefer nice simple food!

Happy summer hols,

Love T x

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